Helping Schools Inspire The Next Generation Of Technologists

A student who has never seen a line of code before is unlikely to pursue computer science, but as the mere-exposure effect explains, we display greater affinity for things after even a mere exposure.

What We Do?


Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, 2048 and more!

Our workshops are full of fun and engaging games.

Learning through playing is the best way students develop a natural curiosity for a subject.


We don't just teach, we inspire.

We instill content mastery in students and help them develop life-long passion.

We teach students to seek out resources independently, through school, and beyond.

Student Centric

Made by students. For students.

Our passionate program developers designed the workshops from a student's perspective.

We know what students like, so we design projects that students love. We understand which concepts are most challenging, so we work hard to address them.

Teacher Friendly

Step 1. Turn on computer.
Step 2. Engage. Educate. Empower.

No technical experience necessary!

Our workshops can be taught by virtually anyone. All you need is access to computers, and ideally some teacher assistants.

Not convinced yet?

Check out more awesome features

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  • feature cta


    Your students. Your classrooms.

    Our workshops are all digitally hosted on Piazza. We bring our curriculum directly to your classroom, whether you're in California or Maine.

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    That's right, $0.

    We understand that budgets are tight, so for now our workshops are 100% free.

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    Dynamic Education Experience

    Our workshops have interactive demonstrations to keep kids engaged.

Paradigm Shiftnoun.

A Fundamental Change In Approach.


Awesome Workshops. Fun Projects

Project 2048 Project 2048

Game 2048

Award Winning Stanford Nifty Project

Love the popular sliding block puzzle game 2048?

Let's built one together and impress your friends!

Haven't played it yet? Try it here.

Watch a demo video and Learn more

Project Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Build this classical game of fun with a simple reflex artificial intellegience (AI), so the computer can play the game against you.

Sounds difficult? Trust us, it's not. Once you get started, you’ll realize you’re just putting a bunch of pieces together to make the game!

Try the game here and Learn more

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

You probably just played Pokemon Go some hours ago, but won't it be cool to build one yourself?


Trusted by Teachers and StudentsWe work with schools to do incredible things.

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  • 1100+Enrolled Students

  • 6+Participating Schools

  • 9.50+Rated by Students

  • 42%+ Female Students

  • 92%+Want Greater Access to Computer Science

  • 99%Are More Likely to Pursue CS

  • 94%+Would Like to Come Back

  • 98%+ Recommended by Students

Our Team

A Group of Creative UC Berkeley Students

About Us

We are a group of UC Berkeley students tired of the status quo, tired of the fact that roughly 90% of students will not be exposed to computer science before college, if at all. In our day and age, that's simply unacceptable.

In November 2015, we banded together to create Paradigm Shift, a computer science curriculum creation and distribution social venture.

Our mission

Excite as Many Students as Possible About Computer Science in the Most Budget Friendly Way for Schools.

Unlike traditional methods of learning computer science (online classes, private tutors, summer camps, etc.) which require students to seek out the resources, we bring computer science to the students, in their very own school and classrooms.